Successful Job Interviewing for Managers and Candidates

I am struck by the inane advice contained in most articles about job interviewing and the even more inane questions asked by interviewers (especially from HR departments). “What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 5

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Chronic Care Management (CCM) – Places where you probably need help…

There are lots of nice white papers available about Chronic Care Management (CCM). There are conferences and seminars to teach you the basics of CCM. We have enough white papers on our site to let any providers navigate through most

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CCM – Don’t Go Blindly into the Abyss!

There are far too many providers of CCM services trying to tell you how easy this all is. “All you have to do is call the patient once a month, spend 20 minutes of time, and you get FREE MONEY!!!”

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The Elephant in the Chronic Care Room

Since physician practices are now able to bill for services provided to qualified chronic care patients within their practices (both through Medicare as well as private insurance), there is an enormous opportunity for increased revenue. Providers spend large quantities of

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Medical Practice Support Services

Small family medical practices (less than 10 doctors) and traditional medical providers often encounter very different challenges from those of larger provider organizations. Although the quality of patient care is usually very good, it is often very difficult to balance

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Rethinking Health Care Information Technology

The first thing to recognize is that health care itself needs rethinking. The lack of a patient focus is so pervasive that it even finds its way into the database structures as illustrated in the following real example. We are

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Business Rules Based SDLC – High Level View

The first book I ever wrote was the Oracle Designer 2000 Handbook (1999, Oracle Press) Peter Koletzke was my co-author.  Probably the biggest “ah ha!” moment for me was the realization that the tools you use have a HUGE impact

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Business Rules Based Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

What is the “Business Rules” approach? What is its impact on the SDLC?  I was recently asked these questions by an organization contemplating moving to a rules based environment. I think that these are great questions. First, the usual answer

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What Software Development SHOULD Be Like – The User Interface Rules

I have already written about the whole business rules architecture (see previous blog posts about Object, Object Interaction and UI rules). Object o   Structure o   Process o   Data Validation Object Interaction User Interface Getting people to think in a “real”

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What is the role of a Requirements Document?

I have heard a lot of different opinions over the years about what makes up a good requirements document.  What is its value at different points in the process? How does it fit in with more modern Agile thinking? Allow

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