Successful Job Interviewing for Managers and Candidates

I am struck by the inane advice contained in most articles about job interviewing and the even more inane questions asked by interviewers (especially from HR departments). “What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 5

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Chronic Care Management (CCM): Competing Consent Agreements

To date, CMS guidance leaves many unanswered questions that challenge the implementation of CCM (CPT 99490), this discussion is confined to the issue of competing consent agreements! There’s the chance, that a qualifying patient for CCM may give consent to

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Implementing Chronic Care Management (CCM)

The number of Americans with multiple chronic diseases is growing rapidly. Research studies have established that ongoing care and management of these conditions has two important benefits: improved health/patient quality of life and reduced long-term care costs when crisis care

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Michael Rosenblum’s OTech Magazine Cover Article

Michael Rosenblum’s article “Challenging Dynamic SQL Myths” was selected as the cover article for the Winter 2014 issue of OTech Magazine. Click here to view the Winter 2014 issue.  

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How Will You Build Your Next System

This article by Paul Dorsey was part of a presentation given in 2012 at the IOUG Collaborate conference. With the popularity of Object-Oriented (OO) technology and web-based development at the turn of the century, we moved into a world with more questions than answers. The open

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Surviving Major Database Architecture Changes – ODTUG Journal 2012

Michael Rosenblum published this article in the ODTUG Journal in 2012. The Introduction is below: Changes are inevitable in any information system. Even with the best possible requirements analysis, it is extremely hard to anticipate all of the potential changes

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Performance Considerations for Web Applications – Paul Dorsey, Michael Rosenblum IOUG Collab 2009

Paul Dorsey and Michael Rosenblum published this article in the IOUG Web Architecture Best Practices Booklet (Collab’09 edition)  in 2009. The Introduction is below: Many of the performance tuning techniques applied to client/server applications that consisted of rewriting poorly written SQL code and tuning the database

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