Oracle PL/SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques

PL-SQL Performance Tuning Cover2

Dulcian’s Michael Rosenblum and Dr. Paul Dorsey have just completed another book for Oracle Press: Oracle PL/SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques This book present a hands-on approach to enabling optimal results from PL/SQL. The book begins by describing the discovery

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Case-sensitive object names

A tip/funny story from our colleague Grigoriy Novikov: There was one project with which I was involved that required a lot of different tools used by a lot of developers with different fields of expertise. The Java developer group was

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Creating a comma-separated list of items from a column

We needed to create a comma-separated list of items out of a column. We wanted “Red,Orange,Blue,Black,White”, and in the database we had Red Orange Blue Black White Grigoriy Novikov came up with a number of solutions: Solution 1: The basic

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Installing Oracle 32b Development tools in Windows 7

If you are trying to install some of the Oracle Development Tools (Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer) in a Windows 7 environment and you need access to the Registry, you can find those entries by using regedit in the

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Tree Navigation in Web apps

Anyone can make a tree display, but tree navigation involves much more. What you really want on a tree includes all of the following: 1. Only load nodes that are necessary. 2. Provide the option to reload every time the tree

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Performance Considerations for Web Applications – Paul Dorsey, Michael Rosenblum IOUG Collab 2009

Paul Dorsey and Michael Rosenblum published this article in the IOUG Web Architecture Best Practices Booklet (Collab’09 edition)  in 2009. The Introduction is below: Many of the performance tuning techniques applied to client/server applications that consisted of rewriting poorly written SQL code and tuning the database

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