Rethinking Health Care Information Technology

The first thing to recognize is that health care itself needs rethinking. The lack of a patient focus is so pervasive that it even finds its way into the database structures as illustrated in the following real example. We are

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The BEST IT Project Management Book Ever is: “If Disney Ran Your Hospital”

If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things you Would Do Differently (Fred Lee, 2004, Second River Healthcare) is not even an IT book. As the title suggests, it is about hospital administration.  But no book has influenced my thinking about project

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Business Rules Explained to a Seven Year Old Kid

My son Robert is seven years old.  My wife Ileana (one of the smart persons in my company – her lapse in judgment in marrying me notwithstanding) and I were discussing business rules in the car and Robert asked what

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Why Dulcian and what is that?

Finding a name for a company is tough.  Unless you want to call your company something that looks more like a strong password, everything in the world is already taken.  Somebody has even registered “” on the off chance that

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Where Has the Application Development World Gone Wrong?

I am frustrated with the evolution of software development over the last 20 years.  When I started in the industry, I played around with Paradox as a development environment.  Then Oracle released Forms 4.0 and Reports 2.0.  These were first generation

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What is the essence of project management? — “Be Prepared”

A number of years ago, a Masters Degree student sent me an email asking what project methodology was best.  Should we use an iterative Agile approach, or was a waterfall better in some cases? What about RUP and all of its variants?

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