The Elephant in the Chronic Care Room

Since physician practices are now able to bill for services provided to qualified chronic care patients within their practices (both through Medicare as well as private insurance), there is an enormous opportunity for increased revenue. Providers spend large quantities of

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Clients vs. customers – via Seth Godin

I start my day reading Seth Godin’s blog, every day, for maybe two years now. His posts are short and often they are obvious truths. But I read them long enough that they got me to fear less, deliver more, and

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The Challenge of Converting Oracle Forms to ADF (or other J2EE)

“How do I convert my Oracle Forms applications to…?” I have been getting this kind of question ever since JDeveloper 3.0 was released. As soon as BC4J (now ADF BC) was created, we started seeing the handwriting on the wall.

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Case Study: “The Object Interaction Repository”

Dulcian was building the recruiting system for the United States Air Force Reserve. Most of the core user interface screens needed to be images of the paper forms that applicants fill out as part of enlisting in the Air Force.

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Even if a Generic Rules Engine does not exist, that doesn’t mean you have to hand code!

If your system includes a big, odd calculation, you should think really hard prior to hand coding it.  If there are a hundred rules or more and they fall into some kind of nice pattern, you can probably create a custom

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Making a data entry application look like a real website

Dulcian was tasked with creating a very complex data entry application (filling out the entire application for entrance into the military) that a senior in high school could use with no training whatsoever. The application needed to be attractive, easy to

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“We don’t want to be dependent upon Oracle.”

I have lost a lot of projects due the little sentence: “We don’t want to be dependent upon Oracle.”  (I just lost another one this week.) It has been used to justify all sorts of crazy decisions such as: Spend millions of

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Programs that Write Programs, are the Luckiest Programs in the World

I am not a big fan of boring, mind numbing, repetitive tasks.  I remember my early days working with word processors and spreadsheets.  If you needed to do a task more than about 10 times, it usually made sense to

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