If you don’t ask, you will never find out why your system is performing poorly

We had a large operation that took up to a minute to run.  It was copying data to a staging area, running over a thousand data validation rules (~50,000 lines of code), and then formatting all of the validation errors

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Case-sensitive object names

A tip/funny story from our colleague Grigoriy Novikov: There was one project with which I was involved that required a lot of different tools used by a lot of developers with different fields of expertise. The Java developer group was

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Creating a comma-separated list of items from a column

We needed to create a comma-separated list of items out of a column. We wanted “Red,Orange,Blue,Black,White”, and in the database we had Red Orange Blue Black White Grigoriy Novikov came up with a number of solutions: Solution 1: The basic

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Installing Oracle 32b Development tools in Windows 7

If you are trying to install some of the Oracle Development Tools (Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Designer) in a Windows 7 environment and you need access to the Registry, you can find those entries by using regedit in the

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