Implementing Chronic Care Management (CCM)

The number of Americans with multiple chronic diseases is growing rapidly. Research studies have established that ongoing care and management of these conditions has two important benefits: improved health/patient quality of life and reduced long-term care costs when crisis care

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New Solutions in Healthcare!

For the last 20 years, Dulcian has been solving complex problems for large organizations.  Our first projects were in the healthcare industry and we have been working on various complex systems throughout Dulcian’s history. We are now focusing even more on

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Oracle PL/SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques

Dulcian’s Michael Rosenblum and Dr. Paul Dorsey have just completed another book for Oracle Press: Oracle PL/SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques This book present a hands-on approach to enabling optimal results from PL/SQL. The book begins by describing the discovery

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We’re Hiring Software Developers!

Software Developer Woodbridge NJ – Full Time About Us Dulcian has a team like no other with consultants who are active authors and presenters at leading IT conferences. We build software according to the client’s specifications quickly and efficiently. Our

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The Implementation Business Rules Manifesto

Everyone likes manifestos.  They sound fun. They are short.  They try to distill “the core ideas.” First, what is an “implementation rule”? Lots of people use the term “business rules,” but there are lots of different concepts that all seem

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Oracle Dynamic SQL – generic search

From Michael Rosenblum’s blog a series of three posts on how to do a generic dynamic SQL search in PL/SQL with Native Dynamic SQL – the example does not use DBMS_SQL and uses bind variables to help optimize the query. In

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