How Will You Build Your Next System

This article by Paul Dorsey was part of a presentation given in 2012 at the IOUG Collaborate conference.

With the popularity of Object-Oriented (OO) technology and web-based development at the turn of the century, we moved into a world with more questions than answers. The open source revolution has plunged us into chaos where no two development organizations build their systems in the same way. For the last decade or so, we have been told by the IT industry, that the next new thing will solve all of our problems. Yet projects still consistently fail. This paper discusses the current system development environment and will hopefully provide some answers to the question: How will you build your next system?

You can read the whole article here.


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One comment on “How Will You Build Your Next System
  1. Mindaugas says:

    I applause you Paul for sharing great ideas. Your philosophy on information systems development is very familiar to mine. Despite I am quite young in this field (started my career in the beginning of 2000), but I dare to say, that the software development ideology is in a recession comparing to the one it was in the glorious 90’s. We were using Oracle Designer since 1995 and in some projects we use it even today as we can’t find any better alternative as a CASE tool (but for Java projects it’s not so usable so far as with Oracle Forms… 🙁 ).

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