Dulcian’s BRIM® is a complete business rules-based development environment. BRIM® manages all of the rules of the system and then generates the entire system.

These BRIM® suite includes:

BRIM®-Object Class Modeler

The Object Class Modeler is a UML class diagramming tool that stores structural rules about the objects. It is used to generate database tables, views, and packages for each class. All core parts of the UML notation are supported including generalization and exclusive-OR relationships.

BRIM®-Object Process Modeler

The Object Process Modeler is a Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) modeling tool that supports the description of complex processes, both manual and automatic. All necessary code to support each process is generated directly from the modeler.  There is no process so complex that this tool cannot easily support.


The Mapper allows users to describe how one complex object can be mapped to another complex object. The mapping rules are placed in a repository and then the appropriate code is generated based upon usage of the mapping information.

This tool is used to support a large variety of tasks such as:

1)      Reading or writing XML to a database

2)      Reading or writing flat files to a database

3)      Data migration from a legacy system to a new system

BRIM® – Validation Logic Application Developer (VLAD)

Data validation comprises a very large portion of the effort required for many IT projects.  The VLAD tool makes specification of thousands of such rules simple. If your project has a large number of complex validation rules, VLAD can greatly simplify the task and make it easy to manage.

Taken together, the BRIM®   tool suite allows implementation of  a complete rules-based approach to systems development.  With BRIM®, you don’t capture the rules and then figure out how to implement them in code later.  The rules ARE the code.