Business Rules Architecture

Business rules people may not really like this architecture.  It is pretty technical.  But I am not trying to build pretty documents, draw pictures, or talk to users for the sake of making them feel loved and understood.  I am

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The Business Rules Perspective

“Business Rules” is not simply a technology, it is a fundamentally different approach to systems engineering. Years ago, when I first heard the term “business rules,” I remember thinking that we had some up with a new buzzword meaning the same

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Changes in direction that the IT industry should have never made

From where the industry was when I started Dulcian back in 1995 to where it is today, I have seen massive changes in direction. Many of these changes make me miss the “good old days”.  I would like to point

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Definition of business rules

First we need to recognize that the Business Rules Forum (BRF) folks see rules as pretty big things.  Ron Ross talks about the possibility of 1000 or more rules in an ERP.  I think of those as analysis rules.  The more detailed implementation

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