Business Rules Based SDLC – High Level View

The first book I ever wrote was the Oracle Designer 2000 Handbook (1999, Oracle Press) Peter Koletzke was my co-author.  Probably the biggest “ah ha!” moment for me was the realization that the tools you use have a HUGE impact

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Business Rules Based Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

What is the “Business Rules” approach? What is its impact on the SDLC?  I was recently asked these questions by an organization contemplating moving to a rules based environment. I think that these are great questions. First, the usual answer

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Business Rules Concepts – Chapter 3: What You Need to Know About Rulebook Management

This is a review of the latest edition of Ron Ross’ Business Rules Concepts book in relationship with our thinking at Dulcian about business rules. Ron Ross offers a free download of the first two chapters of this 4th edition of his book. We previously reviewed

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The Implementation Business Rules Manifesto

Everyone likes manifestos.  They sound fun. They are short.  They try to distill “the core ideas.” First, what is an “implementation rule”? Lots of people use the term “business rules,” but there are lots of different concepts that all seem

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Business Rules Concepts 4th edition – by Ron Ross – Chapter 2 Review

This post is a review of the second chapter of Ron Ross’ new book Business Rules Concepts – 4th edition. The first two chapters can be downloaded. Here is where Ron Ross and I will have to respectfully agree to

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Heath Care Information Technology (IT) – Death by a Thousand Clicks

For a sub-industry with so much money and attention being paid to it, I am surprised at how no one seems to be very happy with the results to date. We are working with doctors to design a next-generation IT

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The Business Rules Perspective

“Business Rules” is not simply a technology, it is a fundamentally different approach to systems engineering. Years ago, when I first heard the term “business rules,” I remember thinking that we had some up with a new buzzword meaning the same

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