Oracle PL/SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques

Dulcian’s Michael Rosenblum and Dr. Paul Dorsey have just completed another book for Oracle Press: Oracle PL/SQL Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques This book present a hands-on approach to enabling optimal results from PL/SQL. The book begins by describing the discovery

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Thoughts on Performance Tuning

Michael Rosenblum and I are writing a book about PL/SQL performance tuning for Oracle Press. I started thinking about the “big picture” ideas that everyone should know.  The following is the list that I came up with. If you have

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If you don’t ask, you will never find out why your system is performing poorly

We had a large operation that took up to a minute to run.  It was copying data to a staging area, running over a thousand data validation rules (~50,000 lines of code), and then formatting all of the validation errors

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Another Anecdote Supporting the Thick Database Approach

This post describes how our thick database approach helped us to easily identify performance issues within a new application. Dulcian’s BRIM-Objects includes  an object modeling tool  based on UML class diagrams. We built this tool over 10 years ago using

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Performance Considerations for Web Applications – Paul Dorsey, Michael Rosenblum IOUG Collab 2009

Paul Dorsey and Michael Rosenblum published this article in the IOUG Web Architecture Best Practices Booklet (Collab’09 edition)  in 2009. The Introduction is below: Many of the performance tuning techniques applied to client/server applications that consisted of rewriting poorly written SQL code and tuning the database

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