What Software Development SHOULD Be Like – The User Interface Rules

I have already written about the whole business rules architecture (see previous blog posts about Object, Object Interaction and UI rules). Object o   Structure o   Process o   Data Validation Object Interaction User Interface Getting people to think in a “real”

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Preparing for User Acceptance Testing

One of the things that can make user acceptance testing go horribly wrong is that the users have no idea what they are supposed to be doing. They do not know how to use the system. They do not know

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Even if a Generic Rules Engine does not exist, that doesn’t mean you have to hand code!

If your system includes a big, odd calculation, you should think really hard prior to hand coding it.  If there are a hundred rules or more and they fall into some kind of nice pattern, you can probably create a custom

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Business Rules – Object Rules

Object rules are the primary type of rule with which we have to concern ourselves. They include everything we can say about the “stuff” in our system.  Database people would call these entities; OO people would call them classes.  “Stuff” is the

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Business Rules Architecture

Business rules people may not really like this architecture.  It is pretty technical.  But I am not trying to build pretty documents, draw pictures, or talk to users for the sake of making them feel loved and understood.  I am

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Oracle Developer: Advanced Forms and Reports

Oracle Developer: Advanced Forms and Reports Authors Peter Koletzke, Paul Dorsey Description Develop powerful web-based and client/server applications in record time. Maximize the power of Oracle Developer to create sophisticated, flexible, and user-friendly database applications. This unique guide contains an invaluable

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