Paul Dorsey named first inductee in IOUG SELECT Journal Hall of Fame

Woodbridge, NJ – April 23, 2012

It is an honor for me to announce Dr. Paul Dorsey as the first inductee into the IOUG SELECT Journal Hall of Fame. This means a permanent place for your name on the Executive Editor Page.  We needed to acknowledge your contributions to the Journal, giving it the standards and a formal review process that is needed for a professional publication. Thanks again from all of us.
April C. Sims – IOUG SELECT Journal Executive Editor
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Michael Rosenblum won the ODTUG 2009 Best Speaker Content and Topic Award

ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009
Michael Rosenblum
PL/SQL Collections: Processing Datasets Your Way

Our consultants are Oracle ACEs

The Oracle ACE Program is designed to recognize and reward members of the Oracle Technology and Applications communities for their contributions to those communities. These individuals are technically proficient (when applicable) and willingly share their knowledge and experiences. Dr. Paul Dorsey and Michael Rosenblum are Oracle ACEs.


Dulcian’s Dr. Paul Dorsey Selected as  2007  PL/SQL Developer of the Year


Dr. Paul Dorsey, President, Dulcian, Inc. Wins The Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer Challenge with Software that Helps Save the Lives of Women and Children

Woodbridge, NJ 12-MAR-2007

Dulcian’s Survey Generator entry was selected as the Grand Prize Winner in Oracle Corporation’s “Fusion Middleware Developer Challenge.”  The goal of the Oracle-sponsored contest was to honor the most innovative use of Oracle Fusion Middleware technology.

Dulcian’s Survey Generator was designed to support a complex, web-based medical questionnaire that could not be supported by any commercially available tool. The Survey Generator was built for The Preeclampsia Foundation. Preeclampsia is a very common disease of pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and protein in the urine.  Dr. Paul Dorsey, Dulcian’s founder and president as well as an Oracle Fusion Middleware Regional Director, lost his first child to this disease in 2002 and had his company build the Survey Generator to help The Preeclampsia Foundation collect data that may be used to prevent other tragic outcomes of the disease.

Dr. Dorsey said: “When my wife and I first lost our son, we were astounded at how little research had been done on preeclampsia.  We couldn’t even find out how likely it was for us to be able to go through another pregnancy successfully.” Dr. Dorsey owns a computer consulting firm so he decided to try to do something to help the preeclampsia research effort.  Funding the entire development effort himself, he embarked on a two-year project to build the most sophisticated survey generator in the world.

The survey for the Preeclampsia Foundation was released in November 2006. Dr. Thomas Easterling, the head of The Preeclampsia Foundation’s medical board and designer of the survey indicated that “In only two weeks, over 700 people filled out the survey providing a gold mine of information for researchers. According to Leslie Weeks, President of The Preeclampsia Foundation, “The survey generator is a wonderful tool. It will definitely contribute to the Foundation’s research efforts.  We plan to make survey results available to researchers dedicated to finding a cure for preeclampsia.  We are very proud of Oracle’s recognition of Dr. Dorsey’s efforts and thankful for his contributions to the Foundation.”

How the Survey Generator works:

The goal was to minimize the maintenance demands of the survey which would have been difficult for non-IT professionals and ultimately too inflexible and cost prohibitive.

It was decided to use a repository-based approach where the entire specification of the survey would be contained in a set of database tables and the entire survey generated from the repository. This approach allowed non-IT professionals to easily build complex surveys.

The surveys are entered into the system using the Survey Designer, an ADF Struts application completely generated from the Dulcian BRIM® environment. The surveys consist of generated web applications and their associated database objects and are stored in a small Oracle repository. Currently the application is an ADF/JSP Struts application; but it is now being rewritten using Java Server Faces technology.

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