Dulcian provides consulting services for a wide variety of  projects and tasks. We can help with tuning a slow running query  up to designing and delivering complete systems.  Whether you need a short term resource to help a project get back on track or require a team to quickly create or modify an existing system, we can help.

Consulting services from Dulcian do not involve simply providing a body to fill a slot. Even if you only use a single Dulcian resource, you can feel comfortable knowing that the entire Dulcian technical staff is on call and stands behind that person to ensure that your project is successful.

We can provide consulting expertise in the following areas:

  • Project management and auditing
  • Database modeling and design
  • Business rules-based development
  • All aspects of Oracle-based development
  • Requirements gathering and specification
  • Application development

You can also check the Dulcian blog for Consulting topics including: