Oracle8 Database Design Using UML Object Modeling

You can buy the Oracle8 Database Design Using UML Object Modeling book.Oracle8 Database Design Using UML Object Modeling


Paul Dorsey, Joseph R. Hudicka

Book Description

Publication Date: December 21, 1998 | Series: Oracle Press Series
  • Thorough coverage of Oracle8’s object and relational database design — the first book available of it’s kind
  • Author team are award-winning members of the Oracle community and favorite speakers at Oracle Users Group conferences
  • Shows reader how to implement the concepts in the real-world
  • Teaches how to fully use the Object-oriented capabilities of Oracle8
  • Covers the often neglected areas of database design system requirements, like changes to records, data entry errors, and basic transaction history – key topics that every database designer must address
  • Heavy focus on the translation of business rules into a physical database design allowing applications to run efficiently while enforcing a maximum percentage of the data-related business rules
Note: This book was written to support the then new object extensions in Oracle8.  The object extensions in Oracle ended up not being used by most and the book is obsolete.

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